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The passion for events runs in my blood, my mom has been planning private events ever since I was a little girl and she always relied on me in the party planning. She gave me the job of setting the tables which has led to my enthusiasm for decorating. I learned from my experience to use new and creative ways to plan and design every event at any price point.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wise Old Owl...

I just wanted to share a little advice from a wise old owl....if you want to be treated like a professional in any workplace then you need to act like one. Working on many weddings and events I have seen many vendors come and go. If you want to be put on someones recommended vendors list then you need to work to the best of your ability, be on time, be courteous, and put others above yourself. As our Mothers have taught from early on," treat others how you want to be treated". It is as easy as speaking kindly, going the extra mile and admitting and apologizing if you make a mistake. As my husband always says," You get more from Sugar than you do with Vinegar". Thanks and happy working....-xoxo

Friday, August 20, 2010

White Trash Party

This past July I threw Ian, his Mother, and our Brother-In-Law a White Trash Party!
This style party was kind of hard for me to plan because I am used to planning nice, pretty, perfect, organized, clean, and well decorated parties and this was exactly the opposite.... Most of the decor items came from the Dollar Tree, 99 cent stores, and thrift shops!

Our lovely Guests

My Family



Me my Man

The birthday boy

We had a sunflower seed spitting contest, guess the boys butt contest,bottle cap between the butt cheeks relay race, beer pong, King and Queen of the trailer park contest and a lot more fun stuff for all our guests to feel right at home!!! We had fun, laughed a lot, and made a ton of memories!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Need to get the perfect gift for your next bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party?

Check out these fun finds from Etsy...

LOVE this Yellow Clutch!

This jewelry designer gift wraps.
I love the beautiful box that the necklace would come in.
It is so cute that I would not want to open it!

Here is where to get these finds on Etsy.com ...

Charmdesign- Grey and Orange Clutch

Tamar- Gold Bird Headband

Papermache- Vintage Princess Yellow Cabochon Ring

FA2u- Yellow Paarakeet clutch

StayGoldMaryRose- Bangles

Tamar- Necklace and box

KaraMiaSofia- Blue Curvy Clutch

Daisical- Blue Rose Bracelet

YasminJewellery- Blue and Gold Earrings

Shlomitofir- Long Dragonfly Necklace