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The passion for events runs in my blood, my mom has been planning private events ever since I was a little girl and she always relied on me in the party planning. She gave me the job of setting the tables which has led to my enthusiasm for decorating. I learned from my experience to use new and creative ways to plan and design every event at any price point.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wild Child! Hot Pink and Zebra Baby Shower

The new trend in Baby showers is to step away from the tradition themes
of pink bunnies and yellow ducks and think of more fun and creative showers.
For this shower we took a style that the mother likes and added baby elements to make it a baby shower!

We transformed that living room into a Hot Pink, Black, and White party space for forty guests.

The Table Decor

As the hostess I found a dress that went perfect with this party theme!

It is important that every element of the shower went with the theme even down to the
pink lemonade.

We decided on a candy buffet and cupcakes for dessert

We searched every store possible to find candy and cookies in pink, black, and white.

Today you can find baby items in almost any style and color.

Diaper Cakes are a perfect gift for the Mother-to-Be that also double as decor!
Contact me for the easy steps on how to created this fun gift idea!

Hope you enjoyed a look into Izzy's Baby Shower
xoxo-Coté Weddings and Events


  1. Hello. The wild child baby shower is adorable!! I wanted to know if you know the size of the vase where you put the flowers in? and the names of the flowers you used? I love what you did!!


  2. Who would have thought that baby shower ideas for girls could look punk rock and adorable at the same time! I love the concept and color combination.

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